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Fogg Essence Deo Spray - 120 ml (For Women)

  • Fogg Essence Deo Spray - 120 ml (For Women)

Fogg Essence Deo Spray - 120 ml (For Women)

Product Code : D-FE

Brand : Fogg


Rs 180.00

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Product Information

Fogg Essence Deo Spray - 120 ml (For Women) Price: Rs.180


The bright sunshine pours in and she jolts awake with a fervent energy as if she's finally awake after years of sleep. While dancing to a peppy number, she brushes her teeth and hums all the way through her shower. Her vibrant spirit and freshness is kept intact all day with just a spritz of Fogg Essence Deo Spray.

This deodorant spray works miracles in keeping her happy and energetic throughout the day. Even when she's bogged down by a bad day at work or an irritable landlord, a whiff of Fogg Essence puts her back in a nice mood. A long lasting fragrance keeps her smelling pleasant so she doesn't have to worry about body odour as she's travelling in the train and holding the overhead railing for support. Apart from this, Fogg deodorant also comes with anti-perspirant properties that keep those annoying beads of sweat at bay. You can don this refreshing day fragrance just before you head to work or a brunch with friends. It comes in a delicious candy-pink bottle with contrasting milky-white lettering. The white cap is the final touch to this urbane and trendy bottle. The effervescent woman can clear the murky clouds with a spray of Fogg Essence.

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