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Fogg Paradise Deo Spray - 120 ml (For Women)

  • Fogg Paradise Deo Spray - 120 ml (For Women)

Fogg Paradise Deo Spray - 120 ml (For Women)

Product Code : D-FP

Brand : Fogg


Rs 180.00

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Product Information

Fogg Paradise Deo Spray - 120 ml (For Women) Price: Rs.180


Vibrant and effervescent, this fragrance from Fogg brings out the tranquil aura of a faraway paradise. A single whiff stirs up an enchanting image of lilies and daffodils that dot your path while you are serenaded by the music of dribbling waterfalls. As this carefree woman goes about her daily routine, Fogg Paradise Deo Sprayreminds her of this exotic Utopia.

As she gazes into the mirror, this Fogg deo spray conjures up a reflection of an ethereal maiden with a crown of peonies. Armed with anti-perspirant properties, Paradise deo spray ensures that she is not bothered by the smell and discomfort of sweat. It also comes with a long lasting fragrance that instantly perks up flowers and people who she passes by. Ideally sized to be carried in your purse, the look of this fragrance is enough to lift your spirits. This fragrance comes in a cylindrical bottle coloured in a splash of indigo. The white lettering and top give it a chic contrast. Take a trip to paradise every time you spray on this fragrance from Fogg.

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